Charlotte Soccer Academy
Executive Director Update

Week of September 5, 2011
Weekly article from Alan Tyson Architect Sports
Alan Tyson and Architect Sports is one of CSA’s strongest supporters will be sharing articles related to fitness and injury prevention through my weekly updates and through the club website. Please click here to see this week’s attachment for a healthy grocery shopping list.   
New Weather Hotline Number
Please make note of the new WEATHER HOTLINE NUMBER – 704.708.4033. The number is an announcement only. Decisions are normally made by 2pm each day for any field closing. Updates are available on the club website as well. 
2nd REMINDER- Club Technical Training/Functional Training
The South side will run Technical Training sessions at the following times each week on Friday:
     5pm-6pm: U9s - U11s
     6pm-7pm: U12s - U14s
     7pm-8pm: U15s - U18s
The North side will run Technical Training sessions at the following times each week on Friday:
     6pm-7pm: U9s - U12s
     7pm-8pm: U13s - U18s
Training will begin on September 9th and go till October 28th for a total of 8 sessions. Sessions will be held at the CPI Flat Branch Fields for the South side and Overcash Fields for the North side.
Each player must bring their own ball. Attire will be as follows: blue shorts, blue socks, white practice shirt/tryout shirt. Players must join their respective age groups in order to work on age specific skills. It is important that U9s don’t show up for a U14 session.
Club Functional Training will be position specific. Sessions will begin Sunday, September 11th for midfield players and will be held at CPI Flat Branch Fields. Times are as follows:
     4:30pm-5:30pm: U13s - U14s
     5:30pm-6:30pm: U15s - U18s
You can locate details for other positions by visiting our website.
CPI Flat Branch Fields CLOSED
The fields at CPI Flat Branch will be closed for training Thursday, September 8, 2011 due to poor conditions. Please check with DOCs and team managers for alternate training times and locations.
ECNL Girls Update
The 2011-12 ECNL Season has expanded to 66 Clubs from across the country and is the highest level of play for girl’s youth soccer. Out of the seven North Carolina clubs that have applied to be part of the ECNL over the last two seasons, only Charlotte Soccer Academy and CASL have been selected to be a part of the ECNL. The girls experienced a tough travel weekend against the Vardar Girls ECNL and the Michigan Hawks ECNL.
U18 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U18 Vadar Girls ECNL: 1-0
U17 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U17 Vadar Girls ECNL: 1-1
U16 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U16 Vadar Girls ECNL: 0-1
U15 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U15 Vadar Girls ECNL: 0-2
U18 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U18 Michigan Hawks ECNL: 0-2
U17 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U17 Michigan Hawks ECNL: 0-4
U16 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U16 Michigan Hawks ECNL: 2-2
U15 CSA ECNL Girls vs. U15 Michigan Hawks ECNL: 2-2
The ECNL Girls will be kicking off their first weekend at home starting Saturday, September 10, 2011 at Ramblewood Park. The U17 Girls will kick off at 12pm against the Concorde Fire ECNL; the other age group games will be as follows:
2pm U16 vs. Concorde Fire ECNL
12pm U15 vs. Concorde Fire ECNL
4pm U14 vs. Concorde Fire ECNL
4pm U18 vs. Concorde Fire ECNL
Please take advantage of this great opportunity to view some top level women’s soccer!
US Academy Boys Update
The US Academy is the newest initiative set up by US Soccer to identify the top players in the country and play them together in a formalized league structure. CSA was one of the first 64 clubs in the country (1 of 4 in NC) to be a part of this new league at the U16 and U18 boys level.  We now enter our 4th year in the program and the progression of youth soccer under this new system has been incredible.  The league now consists of 80 clubs and the quality of play throughout the country has been extremely high. This venue has placed our elite players on the map to get some extensive college exposure. 
The league has now expanded into the U14 division with the best players born in 1997 or younger competing in newly formed regional leagues.  CSA is a member of the Southeast Pre Academy League and will open up this weekend vs. Concorde Fire Elite at Ramblewood Park, kick off will be at 2pm. Please take advantage of a great opportunity to view some top level youth soccer!
Communication - The key to a successful club. 
This will be on all my updates. Good communication is the key to a successful club. All families in the club should have the accessibility to communicate with your team coach and DOC throughout the season. Our coaches are reminded to have periodic meetings through the season to keep families up to date on the progression of the team. My email and the email of each Director of Coaching is listed on the website. If you need to talk in person, please contact the club office and if you do not reach us directly, we will return a call in a timely fashion to address any questions or concerns. We have a fantastic full time staff here at CSA and some great team coaches. If you have any issues with your coach, team, club, etc. please do not allow a problem to persist. Communicate with the staff so we can deal with it and move on in a positive way.  
Brad Wylde
Executive Director
Charlotte Soccer Academy