The Region 3 Premier League and North Carolina State league and tournament have now come to an end for the 2010-11, and this season has been another successful year for Charlotte Soccer Academy’s Elite Girls Program.

The U 18 Team, coached by Dan Dudley, finished in 6th position in R3PL with a record of 4-4-3 (15pts) and were state finalists being narrowly defeated 2-1 in the final. This was another competitive year for these players and the majority of them will now go on to further their playing career at the collegiate level.

The U 17 Team, coached by Adam Denton, finished in 5th position in R3PL with a record of 7-3-1 (22pts) and were state finalists being narrowly defeated 2-1 in the final. This was another competitive year and a 4th consecutive top 5 finish in R3PL for this team despite a injury plagued season.

The U 16 Team, coached by Philip Poole, finished in 4th position in R3PL with a record of 8-2-1 (25pts) and were state semi finalists being defeated 1-0 in the semi-final. This was again another successful season for this team with a 3rd consecutive top 4 finish in R3PL. With the top 4 finish this year the U 16’s have qualified for the USYS Regional Championship on June 17-22 in Tennessee.

The U 15 Team, coached by Ashu Saxena, finished in 7th position in R3PL with a record of 4-5-2 (14pts) and were state semi finalists being defeated in PK’s in the semi-final. This was a strong season for this team and they as the season continued the players continued to improve throughout the year.

The U 14 Team, coached by Adam Denton, played in the fall and spring season. In the fall the team finished 1st with a undefeated season in the NCYSA Premier Division with a record of 10-0-1 (31pts). In the spring the team finished in 3rd position in R3PL with a record of 6-2-5 (23pts) and were state semi finalists being narrowly defeated 1-0 in the semi-final. This was again another successful season and with the top 3 finish this year the U 14’s have qualified for the USYS Regional Championship on June 17-22 in Tennessee.

The U 13 Team, coached by Adam Denton, played in the fall and spring season. In the fall the team finished 1st in the NCYSA Open West Division. With a perfect season they accumulated a record of 8-0 (24pts) and did so without conceding a single goal. In the spring the team finished in 1st position in NCYSA Elite West Division with a record of 10-0 (30pts) and still had one game to play on their league schedule. In the state Championship game the team was crowned as USYS State Champions with a 4-2 victory in the Final.

In summary the 2010-11 Charlotte Soccer Academy Elite Girls teams in state tournament play had one state cup champion, two state finalists, and three semi-finalists. In R3PL league play each of the U 14-U 18 Teams finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th out of the 12 team division selected from NC, SC, FL and GA. Both the U13 and U 14 girls teams had undefeated seasons in NCYSA league play and two CSA teams have qualified for the USYS Regional Championships on June 17-22 in Tennessee.

"This was a successful year for the girls program and I am very pround of all the players stated", CSA ECNL Director Adam Denton. "We want to build on this platform as we head into conference play within the ECNL next season. Besides CSA, only one other club in North Carolina had every girls team qualify for the top division in their region and qualify for the NCYSA final four. While we have had some success we want to make sure we continue to work to become stronger both regionally and nationally. Over the next seasons the CSA ECNL staff will have these goals in mind as they continue to work in every aspect of the CSA ECNL program to give our players the best opportunity for success. These teams still have some competitions to finish up this calendar year and still have lots to play for this year."

Charlotte Soccer Academy is only one of two clubs from North Carolina that has been selected to be a member of the ECNL for the 2011-12 season and will play in the Southeast Conference which will consist of some of the strongest clubs in the Region. The Southeast Conference will consist of CSA (NC), CASL (NC), CESA (SC), GSA (GA), Concorde Fire (GA), AFU (GA), BUSA (AL) and VA Rush (VA) and will be for the U14-U18 age groups.






Charlotte Soccer Academy is please to announce their Girls Soccer Class of 2011. All the coaches at CSA would like to congratulate each of our players in achieving their goals to have the opportunity play collegiate soccer at their respective schools.

"We are very proud of all of our players," states CSA ECNL Director Adam Denton. "These players have all worked very hard through their youth soccer carrers and shown great comittment and dedication and now have the opportunity to continue to play soccer at the next level. Eveyone at the CSA Family wishes these players all the best for their college careers and we look forward to seeing them play next fall. We encourage each of the players to come back to CSA during their breaks from college, see the CSA staff and also see the next classes of CSA Girls as they also persue their college soccer dreams."

CSA ECNL Class of 2011

Addison Abbe          (Two Year CSA Player)         Gardner Webb University

Helen Butler            (Seven Year CSA Player)      Virginia Tech

Katie Collins            (Five Year CSA Player)          Phieffer College

Liska Dobberstein   (Eight Year CSA Player)        Clemson University

Emilee Engelhaupt  (Four Year CSA Player)          East Tennessee State University

Christine Fail           (Two Year CSA Player)          Carson Newman College

Ashley Hartert         (Six Year CSA Player)            University of Tennessee

Alex Mertes             (Six Year CSA Player)            UNC Wilmington

Sandra Odembo      (Six Year CSA Player)            Francis Marion University

Kailey Owanesian   (Five Year CSA Player)          UNC Charlotte

Katherine Rush       (Two Year CSA Player)          Washington and Lee University

Amanda Schmitt      (Six Year CSA Player)            Gardner Webb University

Nicole Steyl             (Three Year CSA Player)       Applachian State University

Sabrina Summers   (Two Year CSA Player)          UNC Wilmington

Jackie Weston        (Six Year CSA Player)            College of Charleston


For more information of our 2011 and upcoming 2012 Class please be sure to go to http://www.charlottesocceracademy.com/programs/girlsleague/400956.html





Charlotte Soccer Academy's U 15, U 16, U 17 and U 18 Girls ECNL/Predator have each started their preparation for the ECNL Season. Each of the CSA ECNL teams will participate in R3PL divisions from mid August to mid October, followed by the NCYSA State Cup before starting the 2010-11 ENCL campaign.

The U 15, U 16, and U 17 CSA ECNL Teams will participate in three ECNL Tournament Showcase Events and the ECNL National Tournament Series. The first ECNL Event for CSA will be the CASL Shootout in Raleigh, NC from December 3rd-5th, followed by the ECNL Event in Sanford, FL from December 27th-29th and the last regular season event for CSA will be in San Antonio, Texas from March 4th-6th. The ECNL National Series Event will be in mid July. The U 18 CSA ECNL Team will participate in the CASL Shootout in Raleigh, NC from December 3rd-5th, followed by the ECNL Event Sanford, FL from December 27th-29th. In addition to the ECNL Showcase Tournament Events each of the U 15-U 18 CSA teams will participate in four ECNL Regional Games as part of the ECNL Southeast Conference. These games will be against BUSA, CESA, AFU and Concorde Fire.

"This season is going to be another very competitive year in the ECNL for CSA", states CSA ECNL Director Adam Denton. "Last season CSA finished with an overall rank of 11th out of the 40 clubs that participated. With the ECNL expansion this season to a total 52 clubs from across the country the competition within the ECNL has increased. At the events our CSA teams will compete against Real Colorado, PDA, Mustang FC, Stars of Mass, Challenge FC, Sereno and Lonestar. In addition to the best level of competition the ECNL also provides the highest exposure to college coaches from across the country. This combination is a great opportunity for our players as college coaches want to see players perform against the best to evaluate players in their recruitment process."

In addition, the U 13 and U 14 CSA Teams will participate as part of the Junior ECNL. In each of CSA's four ECNL Southeast Conference Games the U 13 and U 14 Predator teams will also participate against BUSA, CESA, AFU and Concorde Fire. Adam Denton, CSA ECNL Director States, "This will give our younger players an opportunity to compete against other Regional ECNL teams earlier in their youth soccer career which will only beneift them in the future seasons. As a coach of these younger age groups, having the opportunity to have players compete at this level and also being able to schedule events for our younger teams that run concurrent with older teams, has great benifits for our players."

CSA teams will travel to the San Antonio Event, National Series Event and ECNL Southeast Conference Games with their teams and the ECNL Squads. Adam Denton states "We feel it is important to create a college program type enviroment both on the practice field and off it for our ECNL players. Traveling as a team and rooming as a team can be an adjustment for players at the collegiate level. Our program exposes players to this enviroment during their high school years so they are familar with it by the time they attend college. In youth soccer you can not run a program completly like a college program but I feel we are pretty close to it. Our training program has between 3-5 sessions per week and is broken into technical, functional and tactical sessions. In addition we hold combined group sessions on positional play, classroom/video sessions and have physical testing once per month. All of our coaching staff are very excited about this season and are looking forward to another great year for CSA."

For more information on the CSA ECNL Program, and the Elite Clubs National League, please go to www.charlottesocceracademy.com and www.eliteclubsnationalleague.com.



Out of a total 40 clubs from across the country that participated in the ECNL 2009-10 Season, Charlotte Soccer Academy finished 11th in the club rankings.

"This was a great first year for Charlotte Soccer Academy and our club ranking in the ECNL is another example of this," states ECNL Director Adam Denton. "Each of our 92, 93 and 94 teams have competed very well in each of their divisions at the various events playing against some of the best clubs in the country. Each one of our CSA teams final placement has a point value and these points are combined for your clubs total. 11th is a great showing based on the clubs that are in this league. Next season will be even tougher as the league has expanded to 52 teams but the staff are already working towards season two and we hope to improve on this standing. I would like to thank the staff, players, parents and volunteers that have all worked to make this season a great success."

CSA teams attended four ECNL events through the course of the 2009-10 Season. These were the Final Four Showcase in College Station, Texas in December, The Disney Showcase in Orlando, Florida in December, The Las Vegas Showcase in March and the ECNL National Championships in Seattle, Washington. The 94 CSA ECNL team finished 12th in Challenge "A", the 93 CSA ECNL team finished 14th in Challenge "A" and the 92 CSA ECNL team finished 18th in Challenge "A". With CSA finishing 11th out of 40 clubs in the ECNL Club Standings the 95 Team will also be placed in the Challenge "A" flight for next season.

For more information on the ECNL, divisional standings and the league club standings please go to www.eliteclubsnationalleague.com.

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