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At Charlotte Soccer Academy, we are proud to work in conjunction with Architech Sports and Physical Therapy, now located at the OrthoCarolina Sportsplex.

They are leaders in the sports performance field and are working to help our players improve their game by providing information and services on proper nutrition, preparation, and training as well as injury prevention and recovery.

Please stop by their full service clinic at the OrthoCarolina Sportslex!

Speed and Agility Training


Architech Sports is offering specialized soccer specific speed, agility, strength, and injury prevention training to all CSA athletes. 
These programs will help them see specific results from a program tailored to their needs, age, position, or any other specific goals they might have.

There is more and more research coming out about youth sports that have shown that participating in a well rounded speed development and strength training program will greatly reduce injuries and increase speed and overall performance if done on a consistent weekly basis.

All CSA Athletes can try out a class for FREE as well as get a complimentary performance evaluation that includes a sprint mechanics video analysis.

All Programs are tailored specifically to the athlete's individual goals and are age specific. (Ages 8-18)

ASPT has "in-season" and "off-season" programs to fit everyone's needs and schedules.

Athletic Development Programs
Speed, Agility, and Strength Programs with three convenient locations
• Ballantyne Training Center (inside the Morrison YMCA)
• Pineville Training Center (located at the OrthoCarolina Sportsplex)
• North Training Center (inside the Keith Family YMCA)

Architech Elite Program (includes unlimited in-person sessions and a mobile app for at home or remote training!)

The Architech Sports Elite Package is an extensive program that is designed to cover your athletic needs all year long from performance to recovery. During your competitive season you’ll receive workouts designed to keep you healthy and maintain your peak performance, as you move into the off season we will shift our focus to build your strength/speed/agility and all other sport specific needs for the next season! With this program you’ll be able to come to our athletic development classes daily and receive an App for your smartphone that will include: all of your workouts, an exercise video database, the ability to track nutrition, and direct communication to our coaches.

Click Here for more information on our Elite Program options.

Contact Luke Williams ([email protected]) to schedule a free trial workout or to get more information on any Architech Sports programs.

Check out the class options below and Click here to view classes or signup online!

Performance and Nutrition Articles

           Architech Sports and Physical Therapy             
 Contact: Alan Tyson
 [email protected]
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